Simply Mental is my hardcover book that offers the best of my material so far.
7 years of a creative journey. More than 500 pages of practical Mentalism.
8 Chapters, more than 60 routines using Billets, Playing Cards, ESP Cards, Propless and more.
Close up, parlor, stage routines and ideas for your repertoire.
ALL my best previous eBooks and effects in one big book.
Real world techniques and thoughts from my imagination for you.

Table of Content:

 Preface by Kenton Knepper 
Chapter I: Some Thoughts 
Chapter II: Close-Up Miracles 
Chapter III: B’Cards 
Chapter IV: Nada 
Chapter V: Papeles 
Chapter VI: E5P 
Chapter VII: Extra Ideas and Techniques 
Chapter VIII: Stage Wonders 
Afterwords by Richard Osterlind


  Pablo is one of my truly special Students.  Over the years he has helped shape and change the way mentalism is viewed and performed. 
Kenton Knepper 

   I know Pablo personally and, besides being an absolutely marvelous and kind person, he is an incredible originator who never stops thinking. 
Richard Osterlind   

I've very much enjoyed watching Pablo Amira develop, in less than a decade, into one of mentalism's most creative and prolific authors.  
I highly recommend his material. He is a man to be watched. He's also one of the nicest guys in the business. 
Bob Cassidy  

Pablo is one of all time favorite thinkers. He is brilliant. 
Neal Scryer  

 Pablo Amira's work is always interesting and fresh.  His subtle mix of techniques results in interesting premises, methods and effects that are fun and entertaining for any audience.  He has a wealth of knowledge spread over a variety of subjects relating to mentalism.
 Peter Turner 

 Pablo is a mentalist's gift. Not only a brilliant inventor, innovator, and creative mind, but a sharp business mind in marketing, distributing and promoting. He is a triple or quadruple threat.
 His miracles are well thought out, usually easy to do  but like all mentalism your performance should not be easy) and quite unforgettable. 
Marc Salem  

Pablo AmirĂ  is a very prolific author and a busy performer. His works are the perfect combination between simplicity and amazement. He knows how to connect with people giving them experiences that they will never forget.
Luca Volpe 


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